Creating Good Technology Research Paper Topics for College

The development of technology along with its rapid growth has forever changed the world. Most people would agree that these technological advancements have been beneficial, but there are many people who will argue that the developments have had a number of negative effects. When you need to create a good technology research paper for a college course it’s a good idea to go with something simple that will interest a broad group of people. Here are some great topic ideas from which you can develop your own research paper:

  • Ethics of Downloading Material from the Internet: What is the history of controversy surrounding downloading material such as music, movies, software and other types of entertainment and proprietary content?
  • Ways Technology Improves Education: Academic institutions expect their students to utilize technology in both home and classroom settings. What kind of impact has this had on educators and students alike?
  • Technology’s Effect on Television Content: How have the ethics surrounding television programming changed because of technology? For instance, pay attention to the change of content from the moment most stations switched from black and white to color.
  • Danger of Computer Crimes: Discuss how certain developments in computer technology has increased or decreased certain types of computer crimes. What can we learn from this to further protect people from criminals who have taken advantage of technology?
  • World News and the Internet: The internet’s popularity has increased the number of people who are interested and follow world news. Are there any concerns about internet world news when you consider its place in recent history?
  • Technology and Censorship: There are a number of controversies that may arise with technologies almost instantaneous ability to transfer images, data, entertainment and more. Considering the history of censorship what can we expect in terms of censorship laws concerning technology?
  • Automation and Unemployment: Will technology lead to replacement of humans in some areas of work? Are certain industries more prone to automation? What are the benefits and the negative side effects of automation?
  • Social Networking: Interaction between strangers and acquaintances has changed because of the dozens of social networking sites that have sprung up in the last two decades. Is face-to-face interaction suffering?
  • Work and Information Technology: How has information technology changed the way people work? Are people more productive than they were before or have the challenges of work caught up with supposed technological improvements?
  • Promises of New Technologies: Technology is developing at the speed of light. What can one reasonably be expected in terms of new technology coming in the next decade?