Completing A Strong Research Paper In 2 Weeks

When it comes to writing a research paper it’s very easy by itself. But it’s the circumstances that make it such a big headache. Which is more often than not a resultant of our poor time management skills or simply because of a very tight deadline. Whether it’s because of s strict deadline or simply because you are in a rush to complete your research paper, here are a few pointers to help you out-

  • Time management -Time is of the essence. And none are as wise as the man who said this. Whether happen to have 2 weeks or two months to work on an assignment, it’s all the same if you do not have proper time management skills. Planning is an important criteria here. And plan accordingly to the marks being allocated. It’s always advised to take up the biggest task in your work first and start working on it. This will make sure that the toughest ones have been taken care of before the time starts running down.
  • Get a better understanding of the marking criterion. And plan as per that as well. More points a particular task contains, the more time you are advised to spend on it. Should it carry 50% of the total marks, spend 50% of your total time on it. Try to finish as early as possible as it is important to have time for revisions. An evaluator will be glad to see certain signs of revision in your research paper.
  • Answer the question with the right points - Before you rush headlong into completing the task, take a step back to understand what exactly is being asked. Try to note down your thoughts and use the relevant good ones. Understand the difference between what is being asked and what is not.
  • Planning - Like all tasks, even tasks with a limited time duration require planning. Plan and make an outline of everything that needs to be covered first. Next start gathering information and relevant ideas for the topic you have planned for. Be sure to make a list of all the sources, the contributors of such information and other relevant information. It will be very much helpful when you are preparing the bibliography at the end of the paper. Next thing to do is structure the paper which is similar to preparing the outline. What you will be doing here to break the topics into subtopics. And once again start gathering information and supporting evidences as such. Plan the entire process and execute with strict self-deadlines.
  • Execution - Once the planning part is done, it’s time for the actual execution of the report. Start preparing a rough draft with everything you have gathered. The previous step of planning helped you in maintaining and constructing an order for your report, so that’s half the work done. Next is to fill in the blanks by preparing a rough draft.
  • Revision -Try to start as early as possible and finish as fast as possible. Revision is something that must not be skipped for any reason. It might either make or break your report. While revising, remember to aim for excellence not for perfection. Revise and edit your draft report to get a proper final draft of your report. Then as per the statement set, check for relevance and evidence.